Jorge J. Luis Joanicot


March 4, 1942


Place of birth:

Surgidero de Batabanó. Prov. Habana


Member of the Plastic Artists Asociation of the National Asociation of Writers and Artists of Cuba ( UNEAC)

Member of the French Artists Asociation “ Art.Live. International “


In 1959 he graduates from the Plastic Arts School “Foundation Villate” Sponsored by the Economic society “Amigos del País”. In this center he was a student of professors Atilano Almenteros y G. Fuster.


In the center he studied Painting, Sculpture, Modeling, Perspective, Poster and Photography.


Simultaneously in 1958, he works at the Publishing House “Guastela Mc. & Erickson” and participates in contests sponsored by the bank “Godoy-Zayán” and the Northamerican firm “Kodak” where he obtained prizes and mentions.


En 1960 he enters the Night School No. 78 to continue his painting studies under the direction of professor Manuel Vega.

In the same year he obtains a scholarship to study painting in Los Angeles, California.


During 1961 he travels to Chek Republic and Russia. where he presents works and sells them.


During the 60´s and 70´s he spends time on self-studying The History of Arts, Esthetics, Artistic Appreciation, Techniques and Procedures.

From 1981 to 1990 he participates actively in different contests where he gets prizes in drawing and painting.


He has presented several personal exhibitions in different institutions throughout the country.


He received classes for four years (1986-1989) from master Orlando Hernández Yanes in portrait and in 1994 from the master Jorge Martínez Mayet, in landscaping.


Much of his work are in the hands of collectors from Spain, The United States. Chek Republic, Russia, Germany, Italy, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Chile, Mexico, Bulgaria, Honduras, France and specially in Netherlands.


- First Prize in Poster. Contest of the Godoy-Zayán  Bank, Havana, 1958.

- First Prize in Painting. Contest from the school Villate Foundation.

- First Prize and Especial Award. Painting and Posters Contest from the Revolutionary Armed Forces (FAR) 1980.

- Award in Drawing. Contest 26 of July, 1981.

- Award in the First Meeting of Plastic Arts from the Revolutionary Armed Forces, 1985

- First Prize in Drawing in the second Meeting of Plastic Arts from the Revolutionary Armed Forces, 1986.

- First Prize in drawing and special Award in painting 3rd Meeting of Arts, 1987.

- First Prize in Painting and Drawing 4th meeting of arts 1988.


-1959 - Collective Exhibition “Villate Foundation”.

-1961 - Personal exhibition in Kladnov city Chek Republic.

-1975 - Personal Exhibition at Universal Hall (MINFAR).

-1978 - Personal Exhibition at FAR Academy.

-1991 - Personal Exhibition at Universal Hall (MINFAR).

-1992 - Personal Exhibition at FAR Academy “General Máximo Gómez”.

-1993 - Personal Exhibition in the Cuban History Institute, Havana City..

-1997 - Collective Exhibition cuban’s masters of Landscape of the Centuries XIX and XX  at La Acacia Gallery, Havana City (February).

-1997 - International Exhibition on Graphics and plastics The Constant Image of Che Guevara in cuban Pavilion. Havana City (July).

-1998 - Collective Exhibition A look at the Landscape. Art Gallery in San Miguel del Padrón, Havana City (February).

-1998 - Collective Exhibition “First Landscape Meeting”. National Botanical Garden, Havana City (June).

-1998 - Collective Exhibition “First Landscape Meeting”. National Botanical Garden. Gallery, Extension of Havana University (June)

-1999 - Personal Exhibition in the Museum of the Revolution. Havana City, Cuba.

-1999 - Personal Exhibition in the Fondel Group, Rotterdam, Holland.

-1999 - Collective Exhibition in the  Museum of the Revolution. Havana City, Cuba.

-2000 - Personal Exhibition in the Tranhuis Gallery, Rotterdam, Holland.

-2002 - Collective Exhibition and Contest about “Art and Motherhood” Galery Amelia Pelaéz, Lenin´s Park.

-2002 - Your Majesty, the Queen Beatrix, of the Netherlands, obtains one of his paintings for her particular collection.

-2003 - Personal Exhibition in the gallery Raúl Martínez - Palacio del Segundo Cabo

-2003 - Collective Exhibition in the National Hotel of Cuba – Vedado saloon.

-2003 - Personal Exhibition in the gallery “Carmen Montilla Tinoco”, dic 15 – January 15 2005.

-2004 - Personal Exhibition in Mary Palma’s gallery. Hotel Caesar Park. Panamá City. Panamá. Feb. 20-30.

-2004 - Collective Exhibition whit painters of Panamá. In Mary Palma’s Gallery. Hotel Caesar Park. Panamá City. Panamá. Mar 15-30

-2004 - Collective Exhibition in “Origenes” gallery. Central Park. Havana City. 23 painters of  landscapes of Havana City. 23 dec. 2004-January 25 2005.

-2005 - Participates in “ Beach Saloon”/05. Servando Cabrera`s Gallery. Havana City

-2005 - Collective Exhibition “ Health and enviroment”. Center of mental health. Regla. Havana City.

-2005 - Personal  Exhibition. “ Carmen Montilla” Gallery., July. Havana City

-2005 - Collective Exhibition 10 cuban painters in Italy. Coordinated by “ Orígenes “ Gallery. Havana City.

-2005 - Collective Exhibition CUBART May/05. in Gubbio City. Italy.

-2005 - Collective Exhibition in Latino American Institute of  Medicine. Havana City

-2006 - Promotion  of the paintings by “Alberto Misrachi “ Gallery. Mexico City. DF.  Nikko Hotel. July 2006                 to January 2008

-2006 - Promotion  of the paintings by“ Enrique Jiménez “ Gallery. Mexico City. DF. Paseo de la Reforma july 2006 to 2007 year.

-2006-2007 Personal Excibition in Gallery “ Rodsevi, Arte y Caprichos “ City of Lérida, Cataluña, Spain.Dec-2006-January 2007.

-2007 - Collective Excibition in La Rioja, Spain. By Gallery “ Marismas “ of  the City of Santander, Cantabria. Spain.

-2007 - Member of the Jury of the Contest for Portraits and Lanscapes “ Looking forward for Valentín Sanz Carta. Canaria`s Asociation of Cuba “ Leonor Pérez Cabrera “ Havana City. April-May 2007

-2007 - Member of the French Asociation of Artists: “ Art.Live.Internatioal. in the City of Collioure.France.

           May 2007.

-2007 - Personal exhibition in the City of Ambato, Ecuador. Invited for the Major of the City. The Portal

           House. 7 to 16 of November


-12 of November, in Ambato City, the President of Ecuador, Rafael Correa receives a painting from Joanicot,

-the painting given to the President of Ecuador is exhibited permanently in the Goverment´s Palace in Quito.

-Two of his paintings are bougt in the City of Ambato for the Museum of the City.

-2007- Collective Excibition in “ I first, International Fair of Caribean Artists.” New York City. Puick   Buil-      

          Ding.295 Lafayette Street. November 1-4

-2008 -Is invited by the french Artist Asociation “ Art.Live.International “ to participate in the “ Siappe Salon

           With 3 paintings. February- March.2008.

-2008 -Member of the Jury for the Contest “ Looking forward for Valentín Sanz Carta “. Canarian´s Asocia-

           Tion of Cuba. “ Leonor Pérez Cabrera “ Havana City. April-May.2008


-2008 -Personal excibition in the City of   Unquera, Cantabria,  , Spain. June- July. Organaised  by

            “ Marismas” Gallery, of Santander.


-2008 - Honor Invited  to expose in the City of Collioure, France, by “ Art.Live.International “, in the  “ 2008

         Salon “ Royal Castle of the City. November from 8to30


-2008 - Personal Excibition- Sale,  in the City of  The Hagge, Netherland.At “Artana “ Gallery. December from

         1est to 14ing Invited for the Cuban Embassy in Netherland, in interest of promotion the Cuban  FineArt.


United States of America, Holland, England, France, Spain, Italy, Russia, Panamá, México, Argentina, Chile, El Salvador, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Canadá, Scotland, Venezuela, Ecuador, French Antilles, 


Good Mastery of the Russian language

Fair Mastery of the English language




Dra. Mercedes del Carmen Martínez Méndez

Professor of the Havana’s University

A skilled hand masters the typical Cuban nature and its  surroundings in the sections of anthological landscapes of unmistakably Cuban identity. Arranged in plane of increasing depths, the intermediate plane becomes solace, which inserts a conditioning equilibrium to the depths.

The painter’s work as a whole is a joy, an impact on the senses, through the light ambience and transparency of the incorporated motifs, reflecting optimism and vitality.

Thus it is not a symbolist painting, but a plastic art of recurrent symbols neatly arising in the Cuban scenery, a receptive space of the autochthonous characteristic of our national self.

The vital, renovating line of the painter’s style surpasses portratism to mark the cadence of a pictorial movement which emerges from within – restrained, essential, personified.

The native palm, royal crown enthroned in the very Cuban landscape, surges graceful and majestic.

The thematic and stylistic harmony of these creations reveals a rhythm of ideas and techniques of a very personal style. Transcendent in points that deviate from schemata, Joanicot’s style gives our own scenery  with remarkable spontaneity.

Through his plastic vision the painter expands and renews the theme of the native landscaping.  In his oils he concentrates the throbbing tropical dimensions of our Antillian island towards the innermost interlard and the soul living in it, internalized and transparent like the sustained green of the hues of our national coat of arms and the olive tree that upholds it.