For the last few years, I have been spending increasingly more time in Cuba.  I have fallen in love with not only the land, culture and people, but also Cuban art.


The art reflects the daily struggle of life in Cuba.  Even still, the great joy with which Cubans shines through in their art, in spite of the harsh living conditions there.  Often, major issues are depicted in the art, including pollution.


It is my hope that I can bring this wonderful Cuban art into the the eye of the European public.  This is the reason for the opening of this gallery.


The logo of the Ars-direct Gallery is a tribute to the connection between Cuba and Austria.  The colors of the Cuban flag, red, white and blue, and also the red-white-red of the Austrian flag are represented.


Ars-direct is primarily a gallery for Cuban art; however, we wish to give exposure to young Austrian artists as well.  A side exposition focuses on American pop-art, with expositions from the recently deceased, far too early, Steve Kaufman.  Kaufman was an assistant to Andy Warhol, and is the only American artist to have ever been awarded the Picasso Ring.


I hope you enjoy the art on our website, and hopefully we have sparked your interest in Cuban art, or perhaps just art in general.


Our gallery is open by appointment only.  Please calls us if you have any desire to see the art in person, or have an inquiry about purchasing art.


I look forward to your visit.




Holeschofsky Michael